Torn Realm is about searching the spaces between our world and the spirit world in hopes of finding knowledge, power, riches, or something more.  Use augmented reality to shape your story and find your own answers!


Every month issues a Game Design Challenge to promote creativity and facilitate learning. The following are my entries for each challenge.

Connect the Stars 

Players attempt to fix the crumbling cosmos by drawing lines of power between stars in the sky that act as barriers able to ricochet rogue stars back to their respective kingdoms!



An alien finds an old VHS tape that contains several major events in history and discovers that it has the power to enter these events and ultimately change their outcomes!



Change the World 

Good Show, and Good Luck 

Pitch your own TV show ideas to different broadcasting companies present from the 1970s-2000s.  Then using TV personalities from those eras, put it all together and compete for popularity!




March 2016


March 2016

April 2016

April 2016

As a Battle DJ, you'll engineer your own android fighter and control it through your masterful mixing skills to topple all of your foes while keeping the crowd dancing!



May 2016

Battle DJ! 

 (Artistic Endeavors)

(Gaming on the Airwaves)

(Gaming on the Airwaves)

(The Pen is Mightier than the Fist)


Iron Souls

The Iron Souls competition put an end to war, but not the underlying causes of it.  Control your own Iron Soul, using unique weapon against friend or foe, depending on your allegiance that day! 



June 2016


(Road Trip!)

Super Road Trip

Super Road Trip is a story-driven adventure game where players travel to comic conventions and on the way they'll experience encounters which really test their heroism!



July 2016

August 2016

Torn Realm

(Gaming Get's Real)


(Building a Fantasy)


September 2016

Rebuild is a mix between creative simulation, and conquest-style strategy on a micro level.  As one of the few remaining humans on Earth, how will you decide to rebuild society?


Design Planet puts players in the role of a intern designer contracted for various clients around the world with varying tastes. They'll use their knowledge and skills to develop as interior decorators!


November 2016

Design Planet

(Superior Interiors)

(The Gift that keeps on Giving)

Gifian of the Valkyrie

December 2016

In Gifian of the Valkyrie, players assume the role of a Valkyrie observing some of the last great battles before Ragnarok and attempt to find/reward the most worthy of combatants to influence the outcome!

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