Game Jams are events where creators are challenged to make a game/experience in a relatively small amount of time, with or without a theme in mind. So far, I have only participated in the events, and now the Global Game Jam 17!

Moss (Age)

In Moss, you play as  a rock seeking to break away from his or her moss-covered brethren and adventure out into the dangerous world of the unknown!







1GAM April 2016



1GAM May 2016



In Marathon, you assume the role of the everyman in a metaphorical 'road of life' and are constantly being chased by an all-consuming darkness...there is only one way to defeat it!







Marathon (Raison d'être)

In Chi Ting, you play a monk who's daily ritual is to light the sacred lantern deep within the maze-like monastery in order to keep demons from escaping and does so with echolocation through the power of his chi!








Chi Ting (Waves)

In Little House of Horrors you're trapped and must find the four portals that Cthulhu plans to use to enter our realm. Its proximity causes very strange things to happen and monsters to be unleashed. Can you possibly contain its pure madness?







Little House of Horrors (Small World)



As Sam Warren, on Station 5723, use your engineering know-how to solve the puzzles and stop the atomic reactor from reaching critical mass before the auxiliary power runs out! 





Little House of Horrors (Small World)

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Come together

As the player rescues more and more people, the darkness grows weaker.